Blackburn Hawks 4 – 0 Nottingham Lions (Abandoned after 1st Period)

Blackburn Hawks 4 – 0 Nottingham Lions

( Abandoned after 1st Period)

Tonight’s NIHL North Division 1 game between The Full 9 Yards sponsored Blackburn Hawks and Nottingham Lions was abandoned at the start of the second period due to Nottingham Lions refusing to continue the game due to concerns about the ice surface.

Rink maintenance and management mended the crack to the satisfaction of the referee but after discussions with both coaches, Nottingham still refused to continue with the game hence the referee issued Nottingham Lions with a 2 minute bench minor penalty.

Both the publilc and recreational ice hockey training sessions proceeded as per the normal schedule.

Disappointingly, Blackburn turned in their best 20 minutes of the season and were comfortably in front by 4 goals.

Further details will follow after consultation with the League Management Committee.