Successful Shirt Launch and Meet the Players

Successful Shirt Launch & Meet the Players

Last night the Full 9 Yards Blackburn Hawks held an extremely successful first ever Shirt Launch and Season ticket evening.

Fans of the Hawks were entertained by our new match night announcer Andy Wood as we thanked sponsors and then Head Coach Steve Duncombe and Assistant Coach James Neil were introduced to room sporting the new look 2018 / 19 jersey provided by YoungGuns Sports.

The coaches talked about there hopes and aspirations for the year ahead and then each player was introduced wearing their jerseys with the coaches commenting on what each individual brings to the room and expectations of each player role and performance for the season ahead.

Players and fans alike were very impressed with the design of our new look jerseys and replica orders were taken on the night.

Jerseys will be available to purchase at Sunday’s home game for fans to order and sizing jerseys have been provided by YoungGuns for fans to try on so they can order their correct size.

Your new look roster of the Full 9 Yards Blackburn Hawks take to the ice for our home opener against the Hull Pirates on Sunday night when doors will be open from 4.45pm and the game will start at our new regular Sunday night face off time of 5.30pm.