Bringing in Pollitt last year at the time we did was huge for us. He is a player that knows the game all around. A large part of this did help our success. He plays the two way game and is so smart. The experience he has brought down from the last couple seasons from the national league is invaluable.

He works hard night in and night out. Training and games he doesn’t take a night off. He loves winning and is one of the most competitive people I have met. He hates to lose and it’s a great asset to have. Poll is a guy we can play anywhere in the line up and we’re going to get what we need from him in all spots. We will look for poll to stay calm this year and play his game to the best of his ability. Our younger players can learn a lot from a guy like poll. We speak a lot and his veteran presence is great to have.

Lee Pollitt on signing back

I’m really excited to get back to it and building on what we accomplished last season. Returning to the team in the New Year last season it was clear the progress that had been made, the culture, the talent and everything in the background, it’s really enjoyable to be apart of and we’re not done. See you all soon Hawks fans!

nicole lomax