Its great to have Luke Watson back in Blackburn for the 2024/2025 season, here is what Head Coach Dom Osman has to say!

Honestly I can’t say enough about Luke and the way he contributes on and off the ice with us. He is a player who is improving week in and week out and an amazing asset to the Locker room. Getting Watson back for us adds the depth and character we need at Blackburn. He is a guy I can count on to play any position I need him too and he never has a complaint.
He is a complete player and one that I have gained massive respect for. He holds the room accountable as well as his self. I know whatever the situation is I can count on him to be ready. He plays smart and he’s continuously learning and to me that is an incredible characteristic to have. He’ll bring depth in so many ways to our line up.
It’s great to be able to work alongside Luke and can’t wait to see how he gets on again this year.

Watson on his return..

Signing back with the Hawks is a no-brainer, the project that Oz, Ollie and the organisation have committed to is so exciting, and the results so far speak for themselves. Our success last year was amazing to be a part of, and sharing it with our fanbase just made it all the more special.

That counts for nothing in the upcoming season though, we’ve put a target on our backs and need to be prepared for that. I can’t wait to get back to work on the ice with the lads and get ready for the next challenge.

nicole lomax