We are delighted to say Oliver Thomason is back for another year as a Hawk.. What Dom had to say on Ollie Ts return.

Being able to bring in the same goalie duo was massively important to us this year. The way that Oliver has come in and melted into the team was just unreal. He’s a very serious threat to the opponent when we need to count on him.

Oliver has been with us for three years essentially and does classify as an import. It doesn’t seem that way as he fits right in with the boys. He’s had the North American experience in him and understands the way the game works.

To be able to have two extremely capable goalies that can steal you a game is so important at our level. It also helps in the sense knowing if you’re having an off night either guy knows the support they have behind them. Welcome back my fellow American.

Ollie had the following to add.

I’m excited to come back and to continue where we left off. I feel there is still work to be done so I can’t wait to get back out on the ice and see what we can accomplish this year.

nicole lomax