Liam Hine joins Blackburn, after growing up watching the Hawks to now playing for them. Here is what Dom Osman has to say on signing Liam.

I’m very excited about this signing here. Liam is a younger guy that has been skating with us the last year. He is a guy who I feel will climb the ranks quickly. He is agile, fast, aggressive and if he plays like he does in practice he will have no problems adjusting to the level.

Liam has been with us every Thursday and spends a lot of time around the room on game nights. He has become a small piece of the furniture already. Being around the guys skating and spending time in the room around a championship team is what these younger guys will learn from.

Liam is going to be a guy who wants to play at the next level. This is what we want in the younger players. We will see how he goes and adjusts to the level and he will start with us full time. We will also leave a two way option open for him as well as he is a younger guy.

Being from Blackburn I think he will flourish as he has heart for this club and wants to be here. Again I know he’s been offered elsewhere and we’re just glad that he chose to stay with us. Welcome aboard Liam and can’t wait to see what you can accomplish in your development.

First of all, I would like to thank Dom and Ollie for giving me an opportunity to prove myself at senior hockey and show all the Hawks fans what I’m capable of. I have grown up watching the Hawks since I was a young lad, so it is going to be a big change for me being on the ice instead of in the stands . I am very excited to get the season underway and meet all the Hawks fans. See you all in September

nicole lomax