Blackburn HAWKS star and NIHL Moralee Player of the Year, Adam Brittle, sat down with the Hawks’ match-day programme, ‘The Redline’, ahead of last week’s home game against Solway Sharks to discuss last year’s campaign, the new season and the sibling rivalry in the Brittle clan:


Redline: So obviously you come from a big hockey family, but how did you personally first get into the sport?

Adam Brittle: I started playing hockey at the age of 3. My mum and dad watched the tigers back then and I started going with them. I wanted to start skating so they started me off by pushing a chair around the ice. I’ve never looked back.

RL: Last season you were voted Moralee league MVP amassing 62 points in 28 league games (28 goals, 34 assists). How did it feel to win that award? And are you aiming to hold that title again this season?

AB: It was a great accolade to win. When I played for Great Britain under 20s I was voted supporters club player of the tournament and this achievement is up there with that. I hope I can replicate the points tally again this year.

RL: Is the style of play in our league any different to what you’ve played before?

AB: I’ve been surprised at the standard. Maybe it’s not as quick as the EPL but there are still some great players with bags of ability in this league. It’s a very competitive league and at times it can boil over, especially our team, guys don’t mind getting involved when they have to.

RL: What has been your most memorable game with the Hawks so far?

AB: Probably the semi final of the playoffs. I don’t think we played particularly well but it meant so much to the team. We won the semi against Billingham on penalty shots. I scored one of the penalties which is why it’s memorable for me.


“…We have a great bunch of lads and this is one of the main reasons I decided to come back again this year. All the lads make us feel so welcome and it’s like being part of an extended family.”

RL: What is the atmosphere like in the locker room at the moment?

AB: The locker room is great. We have a great bunch of lads and this is one of the main reasons I decided to come back again this year. All the lads make us feel so welcome and it’s like being part of an extended family. I think the other guys like Jake, Luke and Pavel would agree.

RL: Which player if any has the most presence and impact in the locker room between periods?

AB: I would probably say the two pensioners on the team (Jared Owen and Daniel MacKriel) they have a lot of respect because of the experience they have. They don’t say a great deal in the dressing room but they don’t have to. Everyone takes on board what they say and that’s that.

RL: Now that your brother Luke has joined you on the top line, and has been tipped as being a “complete goalscorer” on several occasions, is there going to be a friendly competition between you two?

AB: I think there may be a bit of competition between us but can only be healthy for the team. We will spurr each other on! Who is your money on? Haha.

RL: What are your personal goals for the season?

AB: I haven’t really got any personal goals. Like I said if I can replicate last years points tally then I will be happy. For me this year is about winning some silverware. I think we have a great chance in the league and hopefully the playoffs. #noexcuses

RL: Can you get Dangy to fire the puck more down the ice so we can have a goal scored by Brittle, assisted by Brittle and Brittle?!

AB: Haha, he can’t shoot it that far that’s why he is in goal!!!


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Cover Image: Courtesy of Lee Sutton.

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