Mr consistency is back for his Third year with the Blackburn Hawks.

Bringing back Ben for a third season is something that just shows how far we have come along with the players. Ben is continuing to develop into an absolute beast in net. He took the role on last year and absolutely smashed it. Ben had spent more time down with us last season as it was tough travelling back and forth. We thank the Kestrels, Steve Wishart and his team for helping Ben along.

The more he stayed in Blackburn and rested you can see the more confidence he grew. Taking the role on as such a young goalie and back stopping us to two championships alongside Ollie we felt we had the best goalie team in the league last year.

Ben is again a younger guy who’s putting time and dedication in. He values the ice time and playing the games and it shows. His performance last season was absolutely phenomenal and he has proved he is a top Goalie in our league. It won’t be long before he is knocking on the starting position in the national league. I’m just thankful he’s spending his time in the NIHL1 with us.

I know for a fact he would have been offered to move to a back up position in the national league but wants to continue to grow his game by playing. He will continue to grow and again another player I don’t feel we have seen the best as he will improve everyday. We’re ecstatic to have him down with us full time now 7 days a week and look forward to seeing what he will accomplish this season. Really looking forward to having him back.


Ben Keddie had the following to say…

I am really excited to be back in Blackburn for my 3rd year, it was an easy decision after the success from last year and the progress myself and the team made throughout the season. The club have made a big effort to support my return and get me down full time and allow me to live in Blackburn. I am looking forward to getting back on the ice and back infront of the hawks fans with the aim of picking up more silverware during the season.

nicole lomax