Ruddick is back!!!

Dominic Osman on re-signing Calum Ruddick:

‘I don’t think anyone will be upset with this signing. It’s no secret we have been without Philly for some time now, and it’s not the greatest news coming out that he will now need 8-10 weeks minimum from an undisclosed injury. It’s just our luck this season. If we get him back sooner, it’s a bonus, but we will not rush him. He has earned his spot and it will be awaiting his return. We have gone as long as we could without bringing somebody to help. Ollie and the guys have done a fantastic job running 5 D back there, but I did not want to get anyone in until we knew the complete situation on how long we would be missing Charles. He’s an integral part of our D core, and we have missed him and will miss him until his return. It was time to start looking for help, and it became even more apparent going down to 4 D in Billingham. We needed to find a way to support the boys. It was good timing really. I spoke to Calum in the past and always kept the door open like all other guys. He was spending time down with the Aces, and Elliott and I have always stayed in touch, so we have spoken about Cal. It needed to be the right timing and fitting for both parties. We have been able to ice Calum under the 3-game rule, so I can see what he is capable of and if he’d be the right fit. Both Ollie and I feel with a bit more fitness. Cal can be a great stay-at-home Dman to help anchor the back end. We won’t be asking the world of Calum but to just to play a simple defensive game, and we know he’s capable of being nasty, especially with his size. He’s strong, sees the ice, moves and shoots the puck well. I just feel that with a combination of guidance, he may not have gotten in the past and someone pushing his physical fitness, he will succeed with us. He has bought into it all and is willing to do anything it takes, and we have started working with that already. He is a person of great character and just a really nice guy. I’ve always had time for him, and he wants to prove a point as he was let go; and not in the nicest way from his last team, and we’re here to help him prove that point. This is the perfect time and place. He’s a guy who sees what we’re trying to accomplish here and has fit right in with the group we have. Looking forward to working alongside him more for the rest of the season. Welcome back to the Hawks, Cal!!!

Cal on returning to the Hawks:

‘Firstly, I’m thankful for the opportunity both Dom & Ollie have given me with the chance to come back and play in Blackburn. I’m really happy to be back. The whole organisation is extremely well-run, and the fans are excellent. It’s a good room to be in, with many talented players, and I’m looking forward to being part of the team. I hope to be part of a successful season, contributing in any way I can.’

COYHawks 🦅🥅🏒

Carl Everitt