Dom on Josh Crawley:
I am genuinely excited to bring Josh on board as another one of our development players. I have watched video on him and I feel he has a very bright future. Playing North American hockey last season overseas I think he’ll fit right in with what we are trying to teach here with the Hawks. He is only 16 and has incredible strength for his age and size. He is an athlete all around not just a hockey player and this will help him.

Josh will also be spending time down with the boys playing Aces and I feel with the combination of the ice time and the commitment level he has he wont be too far off. After watching some videos what I loved about him is best described as a player that plays with a little piss and vinegar. Fans will love it and so will his teammates. He skates really well and has great puck handling skills. We had a couple players last year we offered training and game time in the same position but in my honest opinion just did not want it bad enough to commit at the level needed to get to the next level. I don’t feel we will have this issue with Josh. He wants to be a hockey player at the highest level possible and he will be if he commits to the work needed to put be put in.

It’s important for these players to understand the process and Josh does. He will be training a few times a week which is again what these younger guys need to do. He will be with us learning and picking things up along the way when Aces are not icing which is pivotal I feel for development. I have a feeling we will see him a bit with us as well.

Again I am really excited to work with another player who has such high hockey goals and really do believe the sky is the limit with Josh. Welcome on board and Josh and really looking forward to working alongside you.

Josh on joining Blackburn:
I am really exited to be joining the Blackburn hawks and taking the next step of my hockey development under the guidance of Dominic and his coaching team. This is a great opportunity and can’t wait to get started.